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It’s gonna be a good life, welcome to it! September 12, 2011

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We’ve been busy bees these past 2 years… In Nov. 2009 we got engaged. In April 2010 we bought our first house. There are a lot of amusing stories about that… I’ll try to remember them and get them all written down b/c it was quiet the process. In June 2010 we adopted 2 cats (Rico and Anubis) and in September we brought our dog, Lady into our home. In April 2011 we got married. And anyone who tells you wedding planning is stress free… didn’t plan their own wedding on a budget! In May we lost Lady to the march of time, 15 years is a good life.  About 2 weeks later we found a kitten and I’m thinking some divine intervention was happening. Lady would have LOVED a kitten to play with.  3 months after we lost Lady we brought Diamond into our home and began to reintroduce a dog into our family… it’s been a struggle but she’s worth it!

Now begins the slow process of updating our 1992 home that is, lets face it, less our taste and style and more a slave to brass, oak and hideous paint colors. There were a laundry list of things we wanted to change when we purchased and most of those things are still the same and still bugging us. We’ll get there eventually, home ownership is a process and we’re lucky to have been able to buy at all. To buy a home before you’re 30 is a huge accomplishment and every time we’re grumbling about the mortgage payment or the cost of another upgrade we stop and remember that we own our own home, or at least a huge debt, and that makes swallowing the pill a wee bit easier.

Our life had taken a lot of turns down windy roads, but they are right, the best way out is always through! And we’re enjoying every minute of our ‘new’ life together with our little animal family. 🙂


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