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Enjoy the ride, we may experience a little turbulance

the backstory September 15, 2011

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SO… who are we and what matters to us? I’ve been trying to think of a way to segway into this … why would anyone care who we are plus what we have to say? We don’t live a glamorous or extravagent life, we’re real people, flawed and imperfect who life in the real world. We laugh, we cry, we bicker and argue but at the end of the day we love each other and our life together.

We’ve both begun new jobs, within the last 3 months, with companies we love! Replacing jobs we’d grown out of as we grew up. You know how that is right?

We were high school sweethearts that didn’t really date in high school… odd I know. We’re the sickeningly cute people who can tell you the exact moment we fell in love with each other. *I’ll spare you the sappy story.*  

We love Penguins of Madagascar, Pixar Movies, reading in bed with cats prowling around on top of us, making fun of ourselves and laughing when our next ‘project’ goes horribly wrong (after getting snippy with each other over who didn’t measure right), playing with our pets, wandering around our local home improvement stores saying “oooh, wouldn’t that look great in our ___!”

We’re planning our honeymoon to France this March. Neither of us speaks a word of French, problem, so it’s ‘French for dummies’ podcasts while driving in the car. J

We recently got married after dating for 10 years! And it’s still a major topic of conversation in both families as is the inevitable, ‘so… you’re not getting any younger… grandchildren soon?’ Give us a few more years’ people!

We’re a lot of things: silly, sarcastic, clumsy, frugal, newlyweds, homeowners, DIY’ers, pet parents… We’re enjoying the ride, hope you do to!


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