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Space to stretch out! We’re moving up in the world, or at least in square footage. September 19, 2011

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We moved from 500 square feet to 1100 square feet… Don’t get me wrong we loved our apartment, with its coved ceilings, arches and bay window. It had charm and character, something our new house is lacking in, but the space makes up for it! Besides, we’re adding charm, one DIY project at a time. Yes, that corner of the wall where the cat chewed off the paint, that’s charm damn it.  The true test of a relationship is sharing small quarters: a tiny kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom with an itty bitty closet and an office in the living room with the TV and gaming console. No privacy, no space to stretch out and absolutely no quiet on weekends during football season. Don’t get me wrong, I love a football game a little more than the next girl but when your husband is a Husky and you’re a Cougar… you don’t want to hear him celebrating that they scored and won the game when your team just lost it’s 8th in a row with a score of 70-7.

Moving was insane… always is. But it’s so cathartic to go through everything you own and get rid of so many odd pieces of furniture, shoes that are missing their mate, how does that happen btw?, broken dishes. All that random stuff you accumulate when you’re living in one place for any length of time. Our whole relationship fit into one medium sized moving van and a loaded up Ford Focus. We had most of the boxes emptied and furniture in place in 14 days! We had entire rooms that were empty; it was crazy to go from using every spare inch of space to having too much room. We spent a good 3 months asking where did this or that end up? You’d be amazed where things like tape can hide in twice the living space!  Inside the coffee table, in the drawer in the master bathroom, in a box in the living room… amazing how quickly it spreads isn’t it?! And it’s still spreading, now we have an entire room dubbed the “cat room” that collects all the random pieces of furniture, my hello kitty collection (or junk as D. fondly refers to it), the extra laminate from our flooring project, the extra clothes that will fit in the master closet but I just don’t want them in there damn it. Poor kitties, though Noob does love to hide amongst those extra clothes, yea that’s why I put them in there, why we put everything in there, for the cats! Riiiight.


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