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a can of paint can be a miracle cure September 23, 2011

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When we purchased our home we knew the first project would be a desperately needed can (or 6) of paint. The old owners were far from afraid of color. In fact they could have used a healthy dose of fear!

Our living room was mustard yellow with a relish green accent wall… lovely… let me tell you, when you hear ‘designer paint colors’ from your real estate agent you know you’re in for a shock and sun glasses might be required. Designer is code for bright, you need 3 coats of primer to even be able to paint over it, color.

I wish I could make this up. And as we’re tackling other projects, like pulling up icky carpet we’ve found signs that other rooms were painted purple and red. Now I’m a fan of color. I have a navy blue accent wall for crying out loud but COME ON… not every wall in your house has to be a bold color, am I right?! It took many hours, many cans of primer and some professional grade Rodda paint to tackle the living room but it’s a beautiful shade of taupe now. I love it.

 I love the names of paint. Our living room is bracken, our hallway colonial moss, our master bath relaxing jade; our guest bath is military gray (okay that one lacks imagination but it’s a beautiful color!). And did you know there are 30 shades of white, each with its own name? Whoever comes up with the names for paint colors look out, I’m coming after your job.


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