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Dogs… Cats… Snakes… Oh MY! October 7, 2011

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We have a FULL house, and it’s not always a harmonious one…

Our 2 ball pythons are Maynard and Dez. They hang out in their tanks, we feed them once a month or so and change their water but they’re perfectly content to just hang out and bask under their heat lamps. They are fun to watch as they slither around their tanks and require little upkeep. D and I are often heard exclaiming Maynard is our favorite pet b/c he’s the least amount of effort and has the calmest temperament of all our animals. Dez on the other hand tends to bite anything that moves… she’s a bit of a bitch.

Then we have the cats… Anubis (more commonly known as Noob), Rico, and Gizmo. Noob and Rico we adopted from NOAH shortly after moving into our home last year, Gizmo we found running around in a Safeway parking lot and after countless fliers and no response the tiny gray kitten became an official member of the family. Noob love to lay in the sunshine on the deck, spoons with my husband every night and LOVES catnip. He also possesses a love of all things food as his ever expanding belly can attest. Rico is the enforcer, she runs the house and don’t you forget it! And she isn’t afraid to take a swipe at you or bite to remind you who runs the show. Most days she can be found laying on a pillow on our bed surveying her kingdom. Gizmo… well she’s a kitten so she’s all over the place all the time! She loves the cat tree and can often be found hanging from it… yes hanging, like a monkey. She loves to chase the laser mouse and anything else the moves, including her tail! And don’t even think about dangling a foot or hand off the edge of the bed in the middle of the night because she’s sure to think you’re ready to play! Why do kittens sleep during the day and want to play all night?

Diamond is our ‘new’ dog, she’s 7 years young pit bull we adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter almost 2 months ago. She’s settling in and she’s a bit of a scaredy cat but we’re getting there. She’s a lover not a fighter and will happily curl up under a blanket with you on the couch for an afternoon. When we get home she shoots out the back door for a game of catch that lasts until she flops down in the grass with her tongue hanging out and one paw on top of the ball. She’s an older girl but she can run with the youngsters!

We take her to Camano Island Kennels every 2 weeks for training and it’s definitely us that need the training. She needs to learn some manners but it’s generally me that needs the most training from Jason… what can I say, I’m a softy! My husband can get her to do almost anything but I’m still struggling to find my “alpha voice.” We’ll get there.

Our life is a bit crazy surrounded by all these animals but I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to come home and have everyone so excited to see you! Diamonds tail wags so hard she’s been known to knock things off tables! The cats all start meowing and doing circles around your legs… it’s a good life!


The holidays are coming, run for the hills! October 5, 2011

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Does it seem like the holiday season gets a little bit longer every year? I see Halloween in August, Thanksgiving in September, Christmas in October (sometimes September!) and i start to wonder… does oversaturation make the holiday season longer and less meaningful? By the time i reach Christmas i’m exhausted!

We’re fast approaching the holiday season, it feels like we’re already knee deep in it,  and we need to get that moldings back up around the doors, at the base of walls, around the windows. Finish painting and reupholstering the chairs for the dining room set my grandmother gave us. Finish painting the walls in the family room and kitchen. We have two months; think we can get it all done? Me neither but it’s a nice goal to aspire too!

Our sweet new dog is still settling into our lives and she’s going to hate us while we put up all the moldings… she’s a bit of a scaredy cat on a good day but add in a nail gun and I think we might be better off finding someone to puppy sit for the weekend. Any takers?  She’s afraid of our ceiling fan; she looks up at it distrustfully and slinks underneath it looking up the whole time. Like it’s going to fall down on her at any moment. She’s got some pretty funny little quirks, i’m not sure what she’s going to think when the Christmas tree invades her living room… Our Turkish Angoran cat LOVES the tree, he slept underneath it every night last Christmas, he’d even push gifts out of the way so he had maximum space to sprawl. We caught him drinking out of the tree stand a few times too 😀

Are you ready for the holiday season? Or are you like me, excited but burned out just thinking about it?