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The holidays are coming, run for the hills! October 5, 2011

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Does it seem like the holiday season gets a little bit longer every year? I see Halloween in August, Thanksgiving in September, Christmas in October (sometimes September!) and i start to wonder… does oversaturation make the holiday season longer and less meaningful? By the time i reach Christmas i’m exhausted!

We’re fast approaching the holiday season, it feels like we’re already knee deep in it,  and we need to get that moldings back up around the doors, at the base of walls, around the windows. Finish painting and reupholstering the chairs for the dining room set my grandmother gave us. Finish painting the walls in the family room and kitchen. We have two months; think we can get it all done? Me neither but it’s a nice goal to aspire too!

Our sweet new dog is still settling into our lives and she’s going to hate us while we put up all the moldings… she’s a bit of a scaredy cat on a good day but add in a nail gun and I think we might be better off finding someone to puppy sit for the weekend. Any takers?  She’s afraid of our ceiling fan; she looks up at it distrustfully and slinks underneath it looking up the whole time. Like it’s going to fall down on her at any moment. She’s got some pretty funny little quirks, i’m not sure what she’s going to think when the Christmas tree invades her living room… Our Turkish Angoran cat LOVES the tree, he slept underneath it every night last Christmas, he’d even push gifts out of the way so he had maximum space to sprawl. We caught him drinking out of the tree stand a few times too 😀

Are you ready for the holiday season? Or are you like me, excited but burned out just thinking about it?


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