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Has it really been two months… ‘Tempus Fugit’! December 14, 2011

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Time Flies!

I don’t know where the last 2 months have gone but boy have they flown by! It seems like we’re busy every weekend with family events and such. November held both my birthday, my grandfather’s 87th birthday and of course Thanksgiving! That’s a lot to cram into one month but we did it and we’re still standing and happily married… insert shock and awe here!

 This year was my 30th birthday and it was truly the best birthday I can remember! We had a lovely dinner with family at Buca di Beppo the Friday before, I am in LOVE with their food, I could eat their lemon chicken and salads morning, noon and night! It was a wonderful night surrounded by family and a very lively atmosphere. The next day we headed down toSeattle to spend the night at the Pan Pacific Hotel. If you are ever thinking of visitingSeattle I highly recommend this be the hotel you stay at, it was incredible! The room we stayed in was on the very top floor and had a beautiful view of the city from one side andLakeUnion from the other. And it was bigger than our last apartment… I could go back right now! My lovely husband then took us to dinner at El Gaucho, and we had the most amazing meal of our lives… we’re still dreaming about that steak and the tomato that was roasted with parmesan cheese on top… yum! The next day we headed to Century Link Field to watch the Seahawks. We fully expected to see them lose but they shocked us all and beat the Ravens! What a wonderful weekend, we returned home from Seattle and the house was still standing. Best… Birthday… Ever!

Thanksgiving was the usual race from one family to the next. Eventually we’re going to have to choose one family to spend the day with b/c all the running around is exhausting. And by the end of the day we’re so full we can barely move, let alone drive home! How disappointing that we’re blessed with 2 wonderful families that can cook. Lol.

We did our usual Black Friday shopping and it was mayhem. Now we usually enjoy the chaos and the people watching and we just have a good time. I think this year marked the last year we tempt fate and shop at the stores on BF… it was insanity and not the fun kind. It was hectic and stressful and we didn’t even get a chance to purchase what we went in for… I think we’ll purchase online from the comfort of our couch next year! J I say that now but just wait; I’ll see something we HAVE to go out for next year.

And here we are halfway through December and our shopping is complete! D. put all the lights up and our house looks adorable, we tried to put our inflatable penguin on the roof… that didn’t go so well… I thought we were going to lose both D and the penguin on that one. Luckily I can report that everyone is safely back on the ground and there were no penguin related injuries in the N. household this holiday season. We put the tree up last weekend and decorated it… it’s a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree… it’s has some issues, but that kind of suits us as a family.

We’re doing a lot of donations as gifts this season, from NOAH to Skagit River Salmon to Autism Awareness to Kidney Disease. It feels good to give back. We have so much and there are so many worthy charities in need of help this year. I encourage everyone to find a charity and give back. Whether it’s money or your time, they will greatly appreciate it and isn’t that really what this season is about?

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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