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Moving Forward December 28, 2011

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The Holiday Season is wonderful, but am i one of the few people that’s glad it’s over?

I love the decorations, being able to put a smile on someones face with the thoughtful something you picked up for them, the pretty packages and cards, getting a chance to catch up with family and friends you don’t see any other time of year.

I don’t love the traffic, it takes an extra 20 minutes to get anywhere. Or the negative attitude, people can just be plain mean if they aren’t getting their way. I endured this firsthand when I worked retail and now feel badly for the poor sales associates who have to listen to someone rant b/c they’re out of ___. I don’t love the family members who don’t get back to you, so you aren’t sure if they’re coming to dinner or not, I’ve learned to set an extra place or 2 over the years for those.

So for those reasons and, a few I’m too nice to put onto the internet, I’m quite happy to be through with Christmas and onto the New Year. My husband’s birthday is coming up, we’ll be heading to France in March, and I’m actually excited for tax time… yes I’m odd.  All these things mean a happy new year!

There are also a million home improvement projects I’m excited to get cracking on! We received a compressor from my parents this year, and yes I’m that girl that is just as excited about a power tool as my husband. They also gave us a bunch of attachments so we can get straight to work!

MOLDINGS are first on the list. We did our flooring quite a while ago and to my ever present embarrassment we haven’t put our moldings back up. So we have gaps between the walls and flooring, this creates wonderful little cracks for cat fur, dog food, and all kinds of icky things to hide. I was vacuuming up just those things this weekend and now we can finally put the trim up! So off to the Home Improvement Store we went, picked out the most basic trim we could find b/c at my core I’m in love with simplicity. Found the perfect shade of white, if you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know I love the names of paint colors, Polar Bear is our newest acquisition. Our new compressor will make the installation process a whole lot easier, and it will make painting it easier too! We’re going to spray the boards this weekend and hopefully in the next 2 weekends be able to cut and put up all our new trim! I’m excited!

This is just the beginning too! Now we can spray our cabinets to paint them the shade of white I’ve been dreaming about since looking at them when we bought the house! New doors will come after that. Onward and upward, I love the idea of the house feeling more like it’s our taste, putting equity into it, and just getting my hands dirty so I can say. Yes, I did that.

Happy New Year!


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